Artist-painter and portrait painter

Michèle Winandy is a Belgian artist who lives and works on her art in her native country. At a very young age Michèle demonstrated her gift through her passion for drawing.

In 2001 she was awarded first prize at the 30th Contemporary Art Exhibition in Nivelles (Belgium) for a painting entitled « Jouir d’un guépard ou le gardien de tes fantasmes ». Many more exhibitions have followed since then. 

Do you feel it’s time for a very special gift ?

Michèle can make it happen for you. She is never short of ideas, is a good listener and welcomes you to her studio. A visit to her studio will allow you to better visualize her approach of painting and her techniques. Tell her what you want …and trust her creativity!

A portrait… children… animals…you …we…these memories, which are so important in our lives… why not have them immortalized in a painting ? 

Michèle will of course ask the customer about his tastes, preferred colours, his wishes… so that a complicity will be established. Through this encounter, Michèle will give rise to sparkling colours and will touch the canvas according to your wishes. She will take you into her universe of coloured joy and into the atmosphere of life that she manages to create. A mood that undoubtedly only belongs to her but where your own desires, your colours and preferred feelings can flourish, immortalizing what is so precious to you.

The processing time of a painting will vary from two to four months : everything depends on the size the customer wishes.

« Quand la couleur est à sa richesse, la forme est à sa plénitude » (Paul Cézanne 1839-1906)

Michèle exclusively uses oil on canvas.

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